Company Summary
Fuzhou Qing Jia metal products Co.,Ltd.(Fuzhou Jiaze Trading Co., Ltd.)is a in domestic has the leading level of professional reel device manufacturers Founded in 1998,the company's independent research and development products,stamping die,die-casting mold,plastic mold and other related mold production department,can design their own can also be produced according to customer requirements. Years of design and production experience,so that we have an absolute advantage in the quality of the product, the price and theconvenience of use,etc..Products to export based.the market is mainly the United States,Germany,Australia,Britain,Denmark and other European and American countries. Products are mainly used in 4S stores, car beauty shops, gas stations, factories, workshops, mines, ports and other places. Blue roll is a brand of Fuzhou Qing Jia metal products Co., Ltd.,the company in particular focus on the quality of products and product after-sales service Blue roll brand in the domestic market has a high degree of visibility! Companies always adhere to the quality,integrity as the center

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